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Membership  Benefits:

Gaining access to services that provide training and strategic planning sessions to teach, educate, and empower leaders. NHAEON is a gateway to implementing the proven best practices utilized amongst diverse and inclusive environments. Some of the resources available to members include: 

  • Exclusive political leadership training
  • Accessibility to the allocation of municipalities, state, and federal resources 
  • Strong advocacy at all levels of government
  • Peer networking 
  • Civic engagement workshops and facilitations 

How to Become a member: 

 The inception of membership to the network began with an automatic selection process; once elected or appointed, an official policy maker – from school board members to federal offices, including judicial posts, assumed membership indefinitely.

Categories of Membership

The network has two membership categories “current officeholder/appointed” and former elected officials.

“current” official holds an active office; once their post expires, they transition to “former” official membership. 


Anyone who is of Haitian descent who is elected or appointed in the US is eligible for membership.

Membership Form

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