The Equity of Haitians in American

Over the years, NHAEON has worked effectively to enforce equity in its core values. From hosting briefings and presenting strategic initiatives to establishing goals to combat the despairing state of the Haitian communities in the US, NHAEON addresses the issues surrounding impartiality across the country. It is common practice for the network to hold roundtable discussions with federal lawmakers to apply corrective actions to immigration, social values, and resource allocation.

Since 2009, NHAOEN has upheld these values and has represented Haitians by amplifying their voice in leadership positions. As Americans representing over three million plus Haitians in the US, our struggle is not limited to domestic policies, such as legislation reformation. Still, we often find ourselves in a fight to improve foreign policies that affect Haiti’s people.  

NHAEON’s focus on fairness and impartiality includes:

  • Engaging with organizations to establish a health dialogue;
  • Utilizing the connections to present planned actions to recourse the issues that impact the Haitian American communities. ; and
  • Mobilizing the current Haitian American leaders to implement legislation that supports fairness for the Haitian American communities.